Запрос стоимости перевозки


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Kazakhstan joined the Customs Union (CU) and the Kyrgyz Republic on the threshold of entry into the CU, the market for the transport of goods from the United Arab Emirates - has changed.

We think this is for the best. But many people do not like innovations - now, when the custom departments of Kazakhstan work taking into account the requirements of the Customs Union, carrying goods "shadily", illegally, has become much riskier.

Now we have one economic space, and the transportation scheme that has developed under the old system is not modern. Yes, everyone used to work with carriers, whose prices immediately included a premium "for customs procedures."

But not everyone understood what it means in reality, and how big the risk of losing the cargo in general is. Our main advantage, as a company, is consolidated, groupage cargo. Contrary to all other carriers, we can carry:

1) small load…

2) ... legally, at the same time.

- How did you carry small loads before?

The client bought the cargo in the UAE, handed over to the carrier, who promises to deliver it "to the threshold." Important point: the money he pays is not based on the value of the goods, but on its weight in kilograms!

After that, several such goods are collected in a container. It is written in the accompanying documents to the container that in it there are, for example, not computers, but another item. Basically, upon arrival, the goods must undergo a check on the reliability of the declaration.

But even with this option - during the checks there are delays, also the cargo can simply disappear or be confiscated at the border. Quite often it happens. And you will not even be able to file a claim - the documents that will be on your hands will not have legal force in the receiving country. Because all such carriers are not legal entities of Kazakhstan.

- How do we do it?

Legally. Based on the contract of carriage, drawn up with a legal entity in the receiving country. We organize transportation of any volumes - from the box to the lots that occupy the whole warehouse, with the delivery to you of all the documents necessary for tax accounting in the KZ: accompanying, export declaration, etc. Consolidated cargo is quickly completed with minimal cost. Apply for transportation with the details of the cargo and after processing and setting the price and signing the contract

1) You hand over the cargo.

2) It goes to our warehouse.

3) It is measured, weighed, packed.

4) If necessary, repackaged.

5) It unites with the party.

6) The loaded transport is formed; the cargo departs to the destination.

7) Upon arrival, our specialists in customs declaration help to clear it in the shortest terms.

An individual delivery scheme is developed for each client. All quickly, professionally and on the most favorable terms for the customer. It's not worth the risk of illegal transportation, it's just not profitable. Take advantage of services of our company!

During the time of work there were many examples that many cargoes do not deal with customs procedures at a higher price than “shady” delivery and on time.