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Rail transportation

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Rail transportation of goods is one of the most convenient and reliable ways to deliver large consignments of cargo, both medium and long distance. At all stages of cargo delivery, ABC -Tranzit is responsible for the final result, which is especially important when combining rail transportation with other types of transport.

Services of railway transportation:

- Rail transportation directions

- Acceptance of any quantity of cargo: from a single container or carriage, to route shipments;

- Constant cargo tracking;

- Transportation of complex, small cargoes, as well as cargoes requiring special transportation conditions;

- Development of schemes of fastening and transportation of large-sized and heavy-weight cargoes;

- Development of separate routes and modes of transportation for certain types of cargo;

- Organization of rail transportation from and to United Arab Emirates, China, Bishkek, Kazakhstan.

Additional information about the service:

- High-quality and optimal packaging and marking of goods, warehousing;

- Loading and unloading works;

- Tracking of the location of goods;

- Cargo insurance, etc.

- Types of wagons and cargo for rail transport

- Registration of documents for the carriage of goods by rail

- Loading works for rail transport.