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How to deliver a small cargo from the UAE to Kazakhstan and reduce the cost of its transportation?

Let's imagine such a widespread situation: you need to deliver from the UAE to Kazakhstan a small load, say, 5-10 m? For this you are looking for a transport company. But here's the ill luck: wherever you turn, you get a polite refusal everywhere, because no carrier wants to mess with a "frivolous" order. The way out of this difficult situation is the transportation of consolidated (consolidated) goods with the help of our company.

What do you get when you contact us?

A tangible economic benefit

If you bought a box of jeans in the Emirates, now you do not need to rent a whole container of 85 m3 for its shipment and pay 10,000 USD for it. Unlike our colleagues, we can carry small commodity lots. In this case the container transportation of the consolidated cargo will cost you from 200 USD / m3. You pay only the amount that you need, which is very appropriate for financial reasons. By the way, you can reduce transportation costs by choosing the right method of delivery. Our experts will help you make it.

Careful handling of goods in warehouses

We have our own consolidation warehouses (Dubai, Jebel Ali) and more than a solid experience in the field of warehouse logistics - over 15 years. It allows us to offer customers high-quality service for storage, consolidation and handling of goods: provision of storage space, weighing, measurement, packaging (repackaging) and barcode matching of goods. We also plan and just in time we will load the goods into a container with two or more places. From the warehouses of our representative office in the UAE RJR general trading LLC, the cargo can be shipped in any direction where there are offices of ABC-Group.

Confidence that everything will be all right with your cargo and documents

A professional team of freight forwarders will ensure that you are calm for your property. We not only send consolidated cargo from UAE to Kazakhstan, but also accompany and monitor it along the whole route; We take care of the solution of all questions on customs clearance of cargo, registration of relying documents. We guarantee: the goods entrusted to us will not come "from a distance", but in time, in full and in the proper form, will reach you. You will always know where he is and what's wrong with him - the movement of goods is reflected in a single accounting program, and information about their status is available in our offices. Make a request and we will respond to it within a day.

But that is not all…

If you do not have the opportunity to make purchases in the Emirates personally, then we will, upon your request, find suppliers, purchase the necessary goods and ship them. Do you want to arrange shopping on your own? Excellent! We will open a visa to the UAE, book a hotel room, book air tickets and a car with a driver. Agree, this is a convenient and fast way to solve organizational issues. A decrease in the cost of goods during a shopping trip can be done with the help of our consultants who are well aware of local sales outlets and are able to knock down prices well.

For reference. The company “RJR general trading LLC”, is a member of the ABC Group, was founded in 1997. Its office is located in the heart of old Dubai, where hotels and shops serving tourists arriving for goods in the UAE are concentrated.

Do you want to know more about what else we can be of use to you? Need to clarify the details? Call: +7 (727) 313-77-78 or write: abctranzit@gmail.com. With pleasure we will reveal all the secrets of successful cargo transportation.