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Our company organizes the transportation of any quantity of cargo (any size) to the customs!

The low cost of cargo transportation services of various types, own warehouses on the territory of the country, the possibility of rapid delivery - all this makes our company a leader in the cargo transportation market. Reliable transportation of goods, carried out by real professionals, will serve as a guarantee of the success of your business.

The well-coordinated work of the company's employees allows us to constantly reduce the deadlines for performing any logistics tasks, even such complex ones as the transportation of oversized, fragile and perishable cargo.

The company's goal is to ensure the full safety of the cargo during its transportation. In each case, during transportation, experts are trying to find the best solution for quality delivery of cargo. Each client can feel that experts are listening to his/her wishes "to the maximum"; the company's service differs in the personalization of each order.

One of the main factors affecting the successful delivery of cargo is the choice of vehicle. The spectrum is big: from a refrigerator to a huge wagon. The vehicle must be suitable for your particular cargo. The specialists of the company will help you to find it.

Using the services of a reliable transport company, you cannot be afraid of wrong choice of vehicle and delays in the way, connected with various breakages. The choice of transport significantly affects the cost of logistics services, so it is important to take this task seriously.

The fleet of the company is equipped with the latest technology, which allows you to choose the vehicle that will suit your specific cargo. In order to ensure the full safety of the goods in the delivery process, each vehicle undergoes systematic inspection and technical inspection. We are responsible not only for the result, but for the process itself.

Cargo transportation

The most active direction in the transportation of goods carried out by our company is international road transport. The company carries out international transportation of goods of any type, including complex and prefabricated. In international transport, a network of warehouses of partner companies is used. It is possible to provide temporary storage of goods at one of the warehouses for further delivery by region.

Cooperation with partner companies is possible due to the faultless business reputation of our company. Cooperation with each partner and client is based on the principles of trust, respect and mutual responsibility. Doing everything possible to continuously improve the quality of services, our company seeks to expand the base of regular customers who will be satisfied with the quality of transport and logistics services.

The undoubted advantage is that the company also provides customs clearance services. Consultation, assistance in registration of customs documents, choice of the customs mode for import and export of cargo - all these operations are carried out by experienced specialists with many years of experience in the field of customs clearance of goods.

Rely on the specialists of our company, and make sure that the delivery of your cargo is in safe hands.