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We provide air transportation between countries where there are our offices and more.

When the speed of delivery of goods from the UAE is a priority; When it is necessary to transport a valuable, perishable, fragile or dangerous cargo to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, it is worth paying attention to the way of transportation such as air transportation. Of course, it:

- allows you to significantly shorten the delivery time. While container multimodal transport takes quite a few days, transportation by an aircraft takes only a week;

- Ensures the perfect safety of the transporting goods. When transported by an airliner, the cargo is much less subject to the influence of destructive factors;

- At times reduces the risk of unforeseen circumstances on the way. Be that as it may, the aircraft remains the safest mode of transport, as evidenced by statistics.

However, an air transportation has its own shortcomings: a number of restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the transporting cargo, "binding" to weather conditions and most importantly - a relatively high cost. But here, as they say, there are possible solutions.

Option 1

If there is no urgent need for express delivery of the whole cargo at once, a good solution is the combined transportation of goods from the UAE. So, for example, for the production to not be idle, the urgently required part of the goods is sent by air, and the non-urgent part is saved on at the expense of cheaper transportation.

Option 2

The cost of air delivery can be reduced by bundling the goods on a "weight-volume" principle. Heavy goods of small volume (their transportation is cheaper) are combined with a lightweight but voluminous product (its delivery is more expensive). This allows you to calculate the average cost of transportation for them and save on freight. Although this option slightly increases the transportation time by air.

Option 3

The cost of transportation by air can be reduced by the increase of the product lot. Rate for air transportation of 45 kg of cargo is higher than the rate for delivery of 100, 300 or 500 kg (check the rate scale of any logistics company). Therefore, the more cargo you carry, the cheaper its delivery. Also important is the packing of the cargo. If it is correct, then the weight and dimensions of each place will not break out of the parameters and norms established by airlines, which means that you do not have to pay extra.

We will discuss everything and decide

And nevertheless, which of these delivery options will be most suitable for you? How else can you buy time, save money, optimize business processes and calculate the exact cost of air freight from the UAE to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and back? The answers to these and other relevant questions will be provided by qualified employees of the ABC-Group.

Do not hesitate to contact us for solving any problems related to the international air freight delivery. We promise you the absence of any problems in this sector of the "front", and each your word and wish will not only be heard, but also accepted into the work. Contact us: +7 (727) 313-77-78, abctranzit@gmail.com and make sure of this.

We work with many air companies such as “Flydubai”, “Silk Way Airlines”, “Korean Air Lines”, “Air Kyrgyzstan” and others.



вес (в кг.)

тариф на перевозку в долл. США




за 1 кг.

В кубических метрах

за 1 кубический метр

от 5 до 50


от 1до 5


от 51 до 250


от 6 до 10


от 251 до 500


от 11 до 20


от 501 до 1000


от  21 до 30


выше 1000


от 31 и выше



Примечание : По контейнерным перевозкам -на грузы тяжелые (в кубе которых больше чем 200кг) применяется надбавка с коэффициентом 0,15 от разницы от 200 кг. Например в кубе 340кг ,тогда перевозка будет стоит с надбавкой 21((340-200)х0,15=21 при сдаче груза более 501 кг 251долларов США (230+21). По авиаперевозкам тариф применяется из расчета в 1кубическом метре (166,6кг) 167кг, Например ваш груз 1000кг и по обьему 8,25 кубических метров, в вашем случае оплачиваемый вес за перевозку будет 1378кг (8,25 куб.м. умножаем на 167кг=1377,75кг ) а не 1000кг. При превышении в 1кубическом метре больше 167 кг расчет берется по фактическому весу.

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